What Artists Want vs What Artists Need

May 5, 2019

What do artists want?⁠


What artists need?⁠

What makes the difference between artists who create vs those who think about creating but don’t actually do anything about it. (most people).⁠
I once gave a TEDx talk about the creative process in 8 stages. ⁠

I had put a blank canvas in a room and dissected the mental states I went through as I created the painting.⁠

The first stage was *Vision* where I would suddenly have an idea or a direction. ⁠

The next stage was *HOPE* where I would swell with the possibility of it actually existing. ⁠

The third stage was *DIVING IN* and that was the hardest one to do. ⁠

I came to the conclusion that most people go through stages 1 and 2 all the time but it’s the third stage that really makes the difference. ⁠

I had four exhibitions this year and my studio was a painting factory, ⁠

I know the answer to removing that obstacle of diving in. ⁠