The Amazing Thing About Skin

September 26, 2019
is that there are so many different ways to depict it.⁠

You can either attempt to replicate skin tone exactly, as if your sculpting flesh from scratch.You can capture the ways it reflects light, against a pool and sun.or you can go completely off the reservation and paint it with, say, Indigo Blue, Old Holland Gold Green and white over a wash of Rose Madder:

⁠Or you can punch up the peachy reds to make the flesh aflame with golden light.  It often looks more real without the natural color.


Like a religion, there are many different sects and belief systems.
Depicting skin can’t be discussed without mentioning Verdaccio, the method of creating a green underpainting to create shadows that complement the peachy colors above. ⁠

Nor could one neglect the importance of glazing, where one applies thin transparent layers of paint above a molded form to capture the nature of skin’s translucence.⁠

For portion of the lecture where I discuss another curious aspect of depicting skin, not mentioned here, and a recipe to help you achieve it go to the link below: