Getting to the Ribbons of Color Faster

September 5, 2019

Painters all have a fantasy that the images in our head will flow from our fingers, brushes and minds in ribbons of color onto a surface; that we don’t pause or hesitate too much. It just comes.

We’re all angling and positioning ourselves for that moment.

Gathering knowledge and scuba diving into organic chemistry and history for my little black book about materials and safe practices, while painting, exhibiting and teaching collided.

The more I learned, the more I realized what so many artists didn’t know.

When I teach a class, It gets to the point where I wanted to just stand at the door and shoot laser beams of knowledge and concepts into people’s heads like a science fiction movie or a really cool ASMR video.

But I couldn’t figure out how to make that happen.

So I decided to create this awesome comprehensive program instead, writing and recording over seventy one videos this summer. Of course, I cover the history and differences between inorganic and organic pigments, how to paint without solvents, and how to mix colors, etc. but I also draw from art history and contemporary art in the process. From Gerhardt Richter to DeKooning, Jenny Saville to Cecily Brown. No artist escapes.

My students, from all over the world, were gracious enough to write feedback after each of the eight modules and their favorite lectures had titles like Painting Architecture, Painting is a Castle, The Nudist and the Chemist, Copyright & Naked Ladies, Deconstructing Weird Picassos to name a few.

I’m not going to sugar coat how complicated it was to figure out how I was going to do it, or the cameras I put all over my studio to capture demonstrations, or the software I learned to edit video, or the gimbal I learned to operate in order to and live streaming studio visits. But man has it been fun.

Painting is a universe and a religion and an archeological dig. Followers need proper gear and space stations to navigate. Zoom conferencing people in from all over the world, Australia, Bali, Michigan, Utah, New York made it intimate and bonding. We are a family now. The experience is entirely next level compared to any class I’ve ever taught before.

I never felt like I taught conventionally anyway. I always felt as though I exploded. My students loved the energy but my fantasy of transmitting the information by shooting laser beams into people’s heads as they walked through the door so they could get to the ribbons of color faster never dissipated.

But I am definitely closer.

My Hebrew name is Keren which means “Ray of light”. So fitting! If I can paint with pigments, I can surely add light and photons into the mix, which is exactly what this program is.

Keren in Hebrew means "Ray of Light" but can also means "horns" which is why Michelango put them on his statue of Moses.

Kerenim also means “horns” which is why Michelango put them on his statue of Moses.

Oil Painting Fluency & Flow opens for enrollment again next week, Sept 9 and starts September 23rd. Space is limited.

If you would love to go scuba diving/ space traveling in the color painting universe with other artists from around the world, I would love to have you join.

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