Painting in the Time of Corona

March 12, 2020

It is March 12, 2020, the Corona virus crisis is dawning on everyone here in America and we’re told were 10 days behind Italy where it’s unfathomably bad. My college aged kids are told no spring quarter. Everyone is stressed and worried.

There’s a scene in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist where the main character runs around trying to figure how to hide something valuable before the German’s invade Poland. As their conditions get worsen and they end up in the concentration camps you can’t help but to reflect on how futile that initial worry was.

It seems similar to some of accounts of doctors in Italy who only a week ago received their first case and thought about how bad it could get? And then within a week, they’re so overwhelmed, deciding who gets to live and die, and reflecting on their initial naiveté in hindsight.

All of this frightens me and everyone I know as we hunker down and try and figure out how might our landscape change here.
To teach painting online I have all this camera equipment in my studio and just hearing the sounds of puttering around calms me.

I’m so grateful to have painting as a refuge. It doesn’t require close contact with others and time slips away.
What are you doing to relax in this strange time?
What helps you?
Tell me in the comments, I want to know.

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