Sucking and The Diaghilev Ballet

June 12, 2020

When we look backwards in history, we see only the best. ⁠

The artworks we are taught to think that “count” are just a few from an endless amount of experiments, failures, and successes. ⁠

Picasso was forty years old when he became “Picasso” after he painted the scenery for Diaghilev’s Russian Ballet in London.⁠

He often painted over paintings he didn’t like so as not to leave a trace. ⁠

Agnes Martin burned the paintings she didn’t want seen annually for twenty years because she didn’t want them to get in the market. ⁠

Subjectively or not, all artists suck a little in the beginning while we’re figuring out the medium. It’s fine. ⁠

Let’s both suck and create some masterpieces together. ⁠

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